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>> 1st July, 2022:  Natasha is very excited to be starting a new Joint Assistant Professor position in the Department of Geography & Environment and Department of Biology at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada!!


>> 29th May, 2022:  Kashif has just shared his exciting news that he will be starting as a tenure track Assistant Professor in the Kimbell School of Geosciences at Midwestern State University in Texas, starting in the Fall! CONGRATULATIONS Kashif!!

>> 1st January, 2022:  Natasha is appointed land editor for the AGU Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES).

>> 13-17th December, 2021:  Natasha, Kashif, and Rubaya all presented at the AGU Fall Meeting. Their talks and poster can be found here, here, and here.

>> 10th December, 2021:  Natasha is voted to be a Co-Chair of the Analysis, Integration, and Modeling of Earth Systems (AIMES) Project, taking over from MPI- Hamburg’s Victor Brovkin. AIMES is a global research project of Future Earth.

>> 20th-22nd September, 2021:  Kashif and Natasha participated in the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting, for which Natasha was on the organizing committee. Kashif presented his latest work on using parameter optimization to aid in modeled T/ET partitioning in semi-arid ecosystems. And Natasha was a panelist on the AmeriFlux Early Career Network Career Panel. A great meeting and chance to connect with friends and collaborators.

>> 25th August, 2021:  Kashif presented his work on semi-arid CO2 flux optimization during the Joint iLEAPS and FLUXNET Early Career Scientist Twitter Poster Conference today. Join the discussion here!

>> 4th August, 2021: Natasha’s latest paper on how TRENDY models underestimate C flux inter-annual variability in SW US semi-arid ecosystems has just been accepted in Environmental Research Letters. Check it out here.

>> 10th June, 2021: Natasha has won a ~$900k NASA Carbon Cycle Cycle Program grant as lead PI to study Dryland ecosystem structure and function! Announcement of successful grants here.

>> 16th April, 2021: Rubaya has been awarded an IU Department of Geography Graduate Student Research Grant to continue her work into the spatial pattern analysis of shrub-grass coexistence in semi-arid ecosystems. Congratulations Rubaya!

>> 16th December, 2020: Kashif presented at the virtual AGU Fall meeting today! Take a look at his presentation on using model-data assimilation to identify the processes causing underestimates in modeled semi-arid NEE here.

>> 3rd December, 2020: Rubaya is featured in the graduate student spotlight of the IU Geography Fall 2020 Newsletter! Check out her interview here.

>> 10th November, 2020: Natasha’s latest paper evaluating the ORCHIDEE terrestrial biosphere water stores and fluxes at SW US semi-arid ecosystem sites is now published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. Take a look here!

>> 7th October, 2020: Kashif presented his work on semi-arid ecosystem model optimization at the 2020 Ameriflux Annual Meeting. Despite the virtual format the meeting offered plenty of opportunity for interactions with Ameriflux PIs via the Gather platform!

>> 5th October, 2020: Rubaya successfully passed her PhD qualifications exam. Congratulations Rubaya!

>> 2nd March, 2020: Rubaya has been awarded the John Odland Research Fellowship by the IU Department of Geography. Congratulations Rubaya!

>> 20th January, 2020: Natasha featured in the promotional video for IU’s new supercomputer “Big Red 200” talking about how faster computing systems help climate modeling research (skip to ~22:35)

>> 1st January, 2020: Natasha has been appointed an Associate Editor of the AGU Journal on Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES):

>> 9th December, 2019: Rubaya Pervin gave an excellent presentation on her research on “Multi Data Fusion Remote Sensing Methods for Detecting Semi-Arid Shrub Cover” at AGU today! Rubaya won an AGU Fall Meeting 2019 Student Travel Grant to attend the conference. She also won travel grants to attend AGU from the IU College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Geography.


Find out more about Rubaya’s work here.

>> 9th and 13th December, 2019: Natasha presented two invited posters at AGU this week: one on Satellite Carbon Cycle Model-Data Assimilation and another on Modeling the Semi-Arid Carbon Cycle.

>> 3rd September, 2019: A big welcome to Kashif Mahmud who joined the lab today! Kashif has just moved from Australia where he was working with Belinda Medlyn. Find out more about Kashif’s recent research on his website here.

>> 26th April, 2019: Heidi Takada –  who has been working with our group as part of the IU Sustainability Scholars program – presented her research on the “Drivers of Mangrove Change in Southeast Asia” today at the Spring 2020 Sustainability Scholars Symposium. Congratulations to Heidi on completing the program!

heidi_posterYou can read more about Heidi’s work by taking a look at her poster here and her GIS website here.

>> Check out this new Remote Sensing special issue on “Remote Sensing of Vegetation Phenology”. Natasha is a Guest Editor. Submit to the special issue Submit to the special issue here! Deadline 30th April 2020.

MEDIA coverage of research
  • Indiana Environmental Reporter article on NASA Dryland Carbon Cycle Science Grant. Link. (September 2021)
  • WFHB 91.3 FM Community Radio in Bloomington, IN interview on dryland research. Link. (September 2021)
  • IU Research in the News podcast. Link. (September 2021)
  • IU Press Release “NASA grant aids geography professor’s climate research on dryland regions”. Link. (September 2021)
  • 2021:    Indiana Daily Student article “IU professor will lead NASA-funded climate research on dry areas”. Link. (October 2021)
International Projects, Steering Committees and Editorial Boards
  • Natasha is a member of 500 Women Scientists. Find out more here.
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