Please see below to find out more information about past projects.

European Space Agency FLEX-Bridge Project

Preparatory scientific study for Solar Induced Fluorescence retrieval from satellites and applications in assessment of photosynthesis and stress status in terrestrial vegetation. Natasha led the LSCE work for this project as a model user performing DA experiments with SIF data.

This project helped to fund Natasha’s 2018 SIF study. Read the final project report here.

European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative Land Cover Project Phase 2

Derivation of a new Land Cover mapping and LC change product from ESA satellite data. Natasha was involved in phase 1 of the project and led the LSCE work for phase 2 of the project while she was in France as a climate model user of the LC products. Publications from that project can be found here.

The project has continued since then to derive high resolution LC datasets. You can check out the maps and download the latest products here.

EU H2020 MULTIPLY Project (“MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval Platform”)

Platform for retrieval of multiscale land surface information from SENTINEL satellite data.

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