Welcome to the MacBean Lab in the Department of Geography & Environment and the Department of Biology at Western University! Our research focuses on interactions between terrestrial vegetation, carbon, and water cycles in response to global climate and environmental change.

Human activity is directly altering the earth system via atmospheric CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and land use and land cover change. These emissions result in indirect feedbacks to the climate and to ecosystem functioning and sustainability. We need to better understand the impact of these environmental change agents on the terrestrial biosphere in order to adapt to, or mitigate, the harmful impact of climate change and human activity on our environment and society. Addressing this issue is the core of our research program.


In the MacBean Lab, we use process-based terrestrial biosphere models, together with field and satellite data analysis, to study the impact of global climate change, rising CO2 and land use/cover change and management on terrestrial ecosystems.

Our approach is two-fold: 1) to develop, test and optimize process-based terrestrial biosphere models within a statistical data assimilation framework; and 2) to use spatiotemporal data analysis to interpret field and satellite observations of ecosystem responses.

Our work spans boreal to tropical forests, temperate to semi-arid grasslands and shrublands, and scales from field site to the globe.

Current research themes in the MacBean Lab

Lab Group


Natasha MacBean

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography & Environment and Department of Biology, Western University

Email: nmacbean@uwo.ca
Twitter: @NatashaMacBean

Address: Social Science Centre Rm 2322, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2


Research interests: carbon cycle, vegetation dynamics, (eco)hydrology, physiology, CO2 fertilization, climate and environmental change, land management, terrestrial biosphere and earth system modeling, data assimilation, remote sensing.

Rubaya Pervin

PhD Student

Department of Geography, Indiana University – Bloomington

Email: rpervin@iu.edu

Twitter: @PervinRubaya


Research interests: Land use and land cover change, climate change, mangrove change monitoring and impact of mangrove change on the carbon sink, carbon fertilization, greening trend and land cover change, ecohydrology, remote sensing, and spatial analysis.

Past Lab Members

Kashif Mahmud

Postdoctoral Researcher (2019-2022)

Now at: Assistant Professor in the Kimbell School of Geosciences at Midwestern State University.


Heidi Takada

Undergraduate in Geography and
IU 2020 Sustainability Scholar

Now at: Carbon Neutral Indiana

Lab Group Address

Social Science Centre Rm 2322, Western University,
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2.


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Student () and Postdoc () advisees are underlined

Submitted, under review, or in revision  

Bacour, C., N. MacBean, F. Chevallier, S. Léonard, E. Koffi, and P. Peylin (2022), Assimilation of multiple different datasets results in large differences in regional to global-scale NEE and GPP budgets simulated by a terrestrial biosphere model. In revision for Biogeosciences.



Wang, L., W. Jiao, N. MacBean, M. C. Ruilli, S. Manzoni, G. Vico and P. D’Odorio (2022), Dryland productivity under a changing climate: global trends, key drivers, and uncertainties. Accepted in Nature Climate Change.

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Pervin, R., S. Robeson, and N. MacBean (2022), Fusion of airborne hyperspectral and LiDAR canopy-height data for estimating fractional cover of tall woody plants, herbaceous vegetation, and other soil cover types in a semi-arid savanna ecosystem, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 43, 3890-3926.

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Book chapters and other published works

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Conference proceedings

Kato, T., F. Maignan, N. MacBean, P. Peylin, N. Vuichard, Y. Goulas, F. Daumard, I. Moya, A. Porcar-Castell and C. Nicol (2014) Relationship of the model-simulated productivity with the in-situ fluorescence measurements at two flux sites, 5th International Workshop on Remote Sensing of Fluorescence. Paris, France.

MacBean, N., M. Disney, J. Gomez-Dans, P. Lewis and P. Ineson (2010) Using satellite measurements of surface soil moisture to improve estimates of CO2 and CH4 from peatlands, European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium. Bergen, Norway.


Potential students and postdocs

I am happy to hear from students and postdocs who are interested in working with me on using land surface/terrestrial biosphere models to study the impacts of climate and environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems. Please email me with a CV and brief statement of research interests and experience.

Currently I’m seeking MSc and PhD students focused on one of the two topics (although exact research questions are open):

1) Application of statistical model-data integration (data assimilation) to constrain process-based model global carbon budgets and carbon-climate feedbacks.

2) Field and satellite data analysis and process based terrestrial ecosystem modelling to improve understanding and predictions of dryland ecosystem structure and functioning under a changing climate.

Graduate students

Students interested in pursuing an MSc or PhD at Western University in either the Department of Geography & Environment or Department of Biology should take a look at the following webpages for admissions requirements and application process at the following websites: https://geoenvironment.uwo.ca/graduate/future_students/index.html and https://www.uwo.ca/biology/graduate/prospective/index.html. 

Note that you must have secured a supervisor before applying to the program. Please contact nmacbean@uwo.ca if you are interested in working with the MacBean Lab. 

A complete funding package is provided by the department and university. I will support all graduate students in applying for additional internal and external research grants such as:

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

For more information on all external funding sources please see this page: https://grad.uwo.ca/finances/external_funding/index.html

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students wishing to pursue honours theses or summer research internships in my lab should contact nmacbean@uwo.ca to inquire whether I am taking new students for the following terms/summer. Please also include a CV and a brief statement on why you are interested in pursuing research and which topics or skillsets you are interested in. 

If I am accepting new students for the following summer, I will support students in applying for the following internal and external funding opportunities:

Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internship

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdocs wishing to pursue research in my lab should email me with a CV and research proposal (noting the current research themes I am focused on, as listed above).

Please note: I do not currently have postdoc positions available in my lab; however, several internal and external fellowship opportunities exist. Please see the following pages for more information: 

 Also see the links in this article for a free database of worldwide funding opportunities.