Lab Group


Natasha MacBean

Assistant Professor,
Department of Geography,
Indiana University

Phone: +1 (812) 855-7971
Twitter: @NatashaMacBean



Research interests: carbon cycle, vegetation dynamics (phenology and long-term trends), ecohydrology, physiology, ecosystem functioning, CO2 fertilization, global environmental change, climate change, land use and land cover change, terrestrial biosphere modeling, earth system modeling, data assimilation, remote sensing.

Rubaya Pervin


PhD Student,
Department of Geography,
Indiana University






Research interests: Land use and land cover change, Climate change, Mangrove change monitoring and impact of mangrove change on the carbon sink, Carbon fertilization, greening trend and land cover change, Ecohydrology, Remote sensing, and Spatial analysis.


Heidi Takada

Undergraduate in Geography and
IU 2020 Sustainability Scholar







I’m a undergraduate student at Indiana University majoring in Geography as well as a Sustainability Scholar (2018-2019) researching mangrove change with Natasha MacBean. I am interested in environmental sustainability, land cover change, and Global Information Systems (GIS).

Lab Group Address:
Department of Geography,
Indiana University,
Student Building 120,
701 E Kirkwood Ave,
Bloomington, IN 47405-7100