Potential students and postdocs

I am happy to hear from students and postdocs who are interested in working with me on using land surface/terrestrial biosphere models to study the impacts of climate and environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems. Please email me with a CV and brief statement of research interests and experience.

Currently I’m seeking MSc and PhD students focused on one of the two topics (although exact research questions are open):

1) Application of statistical model-data integration (data assimilation) to constrain process-based model global carbon budgets and carbon-climate feedbacks.

2) Field and satellite data analysis and process based terrestrial ecosystem modelling to improve understanding and predictions of dryland ecosystem structure and functioning under a changing climate.

Graduate students

Students interested in pursuing an MSc or PhD at Western University in either the Department of Geography & Environment or Department of Biology should take a look at the following webpages for admissions requirements and application process at the following websites: https://geoenvironment.uwo.ca/graduate/future_students/index.html and https://www.uwo.ca/biology/graduate/prospective/index.html. 

Note that you must have secured a supervisor before applying to the program. Please contact nmacbean@uwo.ca if you are interested in working with the MacBean Lab. 

A complete funding package is provided by the department and university. I will support all graduate students in applying for additional internal and external research grants such as:

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

For more information on all external funding sources please see this page: https://grad.uwo.ca/finances/external_funding/index.html

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students wishing to pursue honours theses or summer research internships in my lab should contact nmacbean@uwo.ca to inquire whether I am taking new students for the following terms/summer. Please also include a CV and a brief statement on why you are interested in pursuing research and which topics or skillsets you are interested in. 

If I am accepting new students for the following summer, I will support students in applying for the following internal and external funding opportunities:

Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internship

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdocs wishing to pursue research in my lab should email me with a CV and research proposal (noting the current research themes I am focused on, as listed above).

Please note: I do not currently have postdoc positions available in my lab; however, several internal and external fellowship opportunities exist. Please see the following pages for more information: 

 Also see the links in this article for a free database of worldwide funding opportunities.

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