Selected conferences and workshops:


Terrestrial biosphere models underestimate the mean and inter-annual variability of net CO2 fluxes in semi-arid ecosystems, American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA (invited). pdf.

How can we best constrain terrestrial biosphere model carbon cycle predictions using satellite remote sensing data?, American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA (invited). pdf.


Multi-purpose, Modularized, Testable, and Fully Constrained Against Multiple Datasets: A Vision for the Future of Land Surface Model DevelopmentWorkshop on “The Future of Earth System Modeling: Biosphere and Land Surfaces”, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA (invited). pdf.


Untangling Spaghetti: Confronting Models with Data to Constrain Terrestrial Carbon Sink Projections, NASA JPL Carbon Club Seminar, October 2017, Pasadena, USA (invited).

Multiple data stream assimilation in a Land Surface Model to improve regional to global simulated carbon budgets: synthesis and perspectives with the ORCHIDEE model, 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, August 2017, Interlaken, Switzerland. pdf

Capturing vegetation and carbon dynamics in semi-arid ecosystems, US Geological Survey Noon Seminar, April 2017, Tucson, USA (invited). pdf

Untangling the dominant controls on seasonal vegetation dynamics and carbon uptake in semi-arid ecosystems of the southwestern US2017 Joint Ameriflux and NACP Principal Investigators Meeting, March 2017, Bethesda, USA. pdf


Improving vegetation dynamics in global terrestrial biosphere models, National Phenology Network Lunchtime Seminar, November 2016, Tucson, USA (invited).


A Model-Data Fusion Approach for Constraining Modeled GPP at Global Scales Using GOME-2 Solar-Induced Fluorescence data, AGU Fall Meeting, December 2015, San Francisco, USA pdf

A Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System using multiple data streams, ICOS Model-Data Fusion Workshop, April 2015, Paris, France (invited).


The need for soil moisture data for evaluation and optimisation of a global Land Surface Model, ESA Workshop: Understanding the Carbon and Water Cycles using SMOS Data and Models, November 2014, Toulouse, France (invited).

How best to optimize a global process-based carbon land surface model? TERENO International Conference, October 2014, Bonn, Germany (invited).

In-situ and satellite data assimilation in the ORCHIDEE LSM, ICOS France Annual General Meeting, July 2014, Paris, France (invited)

Tutorial on Data Assimilation with the ORCHIDEE Terrestrial Biosphere Model, ESA DA Project Workshop on Data Assimilation for Land Surface Process Models, April 2014, London, UK (invited). url


Using satellite data to constrain plant phenology of the terrestrial biosphere model ORCHIDEE, GEOCARBON Conference “Towards a Global Carbon Observing System: Progresses and Challenges”, October 2013, Geneva, Switzerland. pdf

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